Personal income tax training class

On 29-11-2008, at the office of Training Consultant and Investment AFTC Ltd. Company, it took place the training class of personal income tax (guidance of personal income tax declaration, payment and settlement) with the lecturing of Ms.Do Thi Thin - Vice Chairman and Secretary of Consulting Association of Tax in Vietnam.

Tham gia lớp học là các Kế toán trưởng, các đối tượng chịu Thuế, các cán bộ phòng Hành chính tại các VP Đại Diện.. Joining the class has Chief Accountants, taxable objects and staffs at the Administration Department in Representative Office.

Lớp tập huấn thuế TNCN

In the serious and strict air and high concentrated spirit, the students have gained necessary knowledge to serve the work when the new tax law officially takes effect at the beginning of the year 2009.

Trên tinh thần trao đổi thẳng thắn, các vấn đề đã được đưa ra để cùng bàn luận,đưa ra giải pháp hợp lý nhất. With the spirit of straightforward communication, the issues have been discussed to bring out the best solution.


According to AFTC.

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