CFA Training Workshop Open 8.00am Saturday, 25 July, 2009


AFTC company, in association with CFAVN, is organizing a training workshop on CG and Porter's five forces this Saturday morning, 25 July. We cordially invite you to participate in this event.
The four-hour training workshop conducted by an Australia-based professor has a dual purpose of (1) providing practitioner analysts with some qualitative approach to valuing a company and of (2) supporting the study of CFA level 1 and level 2 syllabuses (Corporate Finance and Equity modules). 
The information about the workshop is as follows. Please enjoy a 30% discount as a member of CFAVN.

Training Workshop
An All Round Approach To Evaluating A Business

An accurate appreciation of the value of any business must include some qualititative features such as the risk stemming from poor corporate governance, and the general conditions that affect the industry or sector the business is in.

In this workshop we introduce a structure for assessing vital issues such as-

- How well run is this company ?
- How exposed is it to risk arising from poor corporate governance practices ?
- How protected is it from a damaging scandal or corruption case ?
- Are there checks and balances to prevent managers pursuing their own interests against the company ?
- How transparent is the company to investors and potential investors ?
- How capable are the directors, do they understand their role on behalf of investors ?

We will also identify the most common features of an industry or sector to analyse, and how to approach this task. In particular we will introduce 'Porters 5 Forces Model', the most widely used model for industry analysis taught in MBA Programs all over the world.

The training workshop will involve practical learning activities including group tasks such as -
- case study analysis and scenario-based training methods
- the practical application of the methods

The training workshop will be conducted by Australian-based Professor and Industry Consultant Dr Dirk Maclean, PhD, MBA

Dr Maclean has many years experience delivering the MBA Program of La Trobe and RMIT Universities, in Australia, Viet Nam and Mongolia. He has taught Strategy, Leadership, Corporate Governance and Strategic Human Resource Management.

Dr Maclean has also served as a consultant in Crisis and Risk Management to global mining companies, and is working on a Risk Management project for the food and drink industry inside Viet Nam. He is an Associate of Ross Campbell, one of the world's leading authorities in effective Crisis and Risk Management techniques.

Language: English
Time: 8.00am-12.00pm Saturday, 25 July, 2009.
Venue: AFTC company, room 1807, 18th floor, 57 Lang Ha, Hanoi.
Fee: VND300,000 /person, FREE to former/current learners at AFTC, 30% DISCOUNT to members of CFAVN
Register:  AFTC's learners: email by 5pm Thursday 23/7.
Non-AFTC learners: register and make payment at AFTC by 5pm Thursday 23/7.

We reserve the right to refuse the entry of people who do not register or who come 15 minutes late or more.
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