About AFTC

AFTC company specializes in accounting & finance training and business consultancy, which is located in R1807, 18th floor, Thanh Cong Tower, 57 Lang Ha, Ha Noi.         

AFTC's objective is to contribute to the improvement of the business performance of enterprises in Vietnam by providing optimal solutions of training and business administration. Also, AFTC is the place where entrepreneurs, managers and business administrators share knowledge and business experience to develop the knowledge and skills of Vietnam business community.

To achieve the above objective, AFTC focuses on "implementation", which is the stage applying business theories into reality – or AFTC is identified as the "bridge" between theory and practice. Therefore, AFTC constantly research international business knowledge applied into the practice of enterprises in Vietnam in the stage of "implementation". This is the magnetic needle for the training and consulting services by AFTC.

Therefore, AFTC follows "practical training" method, based on the evaluation, analysis of the situation and the target of trainees and the enterprises to build the content and appropriate training process. This training method not only helps trainees quickly grasp the knowledge but also can perform well in the Company immediately after training.

With business management, AFTC provides consulting services following consultation principles associated with the effectiveness and ready to go with the enterprises to build up specific targets.


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Hà Nội: P1807, Tầng 18, Tòa Nhà 57 Láng Hạ, Ba Đình * Tel: (84-4) 3514 8328 - Fax: (84-4) 3514 9275
TP HCM: P606, tầng 6, block B, tòa nhà Indochina Park Tower, 04 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, Quận 1 * Tel: (84-8) 2220 2238 / Fax: (84-8) 2220 2239